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My problem is with an Internet mailorder nursery, Willis Orchard and I was surprised how unprofessional everything appeared, let me explain. I purchased a Hachiya persimmon tree 5-6' that had supposedly borne fruit in 2009. The persimmon tree switch that arrived had no evidence of branching or fruiting. It was less in size than 5 feet even if you consider the butchered roots. This persimmon tree advertised as old enough to bear persimmons has not performed as Willis Orchard advertised- No Fruit!

Actually my wirfe says she could have purchased this plant at Home Depot or Lowes for less than $20, one third the cost of Willis Orchard's price. We thought we were getting a more mature tree as reflected on their website.

The root system reflects that it was grown in a coffee can or slightly larger sized container. A local neighbor who is a master gardener doubts this tree ever bore any persimmons at all. Another problem is I don't know what type of plant I have for sure as there was no identifying tag. A professional nursery would have a tag so as to know what to ship. Willis Orchard provided no planting instructions with the delivery or on the phone,

I have tried to resolve these problems by E-mail and phone calls, but the people at Willis Orchards are rude and aggravating to deal with.

After experiencing this uncomfortable and losing financial situation I tried to get my credit card company to charge back but they said I complained too late. I feel that I have been "ripped off!" When I went online to various garden forums and to BBB of Georgia it appeared my problems with Willis Orchard are not too uncommon.

Product or Service Mentioned: Willis Orchard Company Tree.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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wow.. and I thought it was just my bad experience. I even tweeted my horrible experience and they seem to auto delete my tweets now lol


I am so sorry to everyone that has suffered at the hands of Willis Orchard Company, I too am in the middle of a dispute and will be complaining to the BBB, Consumer Affairs and FTC and I recommend everyone do the same. Even if you don't get resolution hopefully all these agencies investigating them will get wise and somehow put them out of business or, just maybe, they will clean up their act! So frustrating and sad how much time and money we have all spent dealing with this shoddy business.


WILLIS ORCHARD POOR PRODUCT AND CUSTOMER SERVICE. Willis Orchard has poor quality products, offers guarantees they KNOW they can't honor like their fruit trees being hardy in zone 5 and able to survive Chicago winter; thee most rude employees and worst customer service. Worst part is you have to wait 6 months before you know the product is dead then wait another 7 months before replacement is sent if they don't lie about when it will be sent like they did to me so YET ANOTHER 6 months is going to pass and it will be 2 YEARS OF GROWING TIME LOST and i'm out over $100 in product and shipping plus shipping to return the dead trees!!!!

Seems to be a scam.


Willis Orchard is the worst company I have ever dealt with!! They offer low-quality products (mine arrived DEAD!) and horrible customer service.

They are rude and impossible to deal with. Truly horrible people.

I ordered $100 worth of raspberry plants, they all arrived DEAD, I contacted Willis Orchard and asked for a refund.

They told me they "do not give refunds" so I am out the money and out the raspberries. This entire growing season is lost!!