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Last March my order placed with Willis Orchard Nursery arrived in late April that was unsatisfactory for several reasons, so I decided to send it all back. The almond tree order was sent too late, I think.

When Willis answered the phone he convinced me to go ahead and plant the trees and if the trees didn't grow, he guaranteed that he would replace them. I was unhappy with the almond trees, because they looked like all the leaves had been stripped off during the shipment and a few leaves were even at the bottom of the shipping box, that I think were almond leaves. The almond trees were promptly planted but no buds ever appeared by the end of July and I asked Willis Orchards to send me replacements which they claimed they couldn't do until the Fall. Then I asked for a refund which they also refused to do.

After reading their replacement policy I decided to just forget the huge hassle and take my loss and *** my lip. I believe that the almond trees died because Willis Orchards sent me weakened trees because they had been stripped of their leaves and pruned of their roots.

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My history with Willis is about like the Houston Astros batting average....200. Out of three fruit trees ordered last year, one survived....this year, neither of the two trees received looks like it is going to make it.

I have ordered my last tree from Willis.

If you assume I don't know how to plant trees....let me say that I bat almost a thousand with trees from local nurseries. :(


Who is *** enough to buy a dead tree? YOU ARE!!!!!!! HA HA HAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

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