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My recent unpleasant negative experience with Willis Orchards began when I ordered one Elliot and one Sumner pecan tree, 10-12 feet tall, priced at a total of $300.00. When I arrived they tried to overcharge me and ended up selling me un-grafted pecan trees even though the invoice showed the trees were Elliot and Sumner trees that are always grafted, not seed grown as they tried to claim after my complaint.

My friend pointed out their deception when he examined the trees once I got back home. Upset after being defrauded, I wrote the Dept. of Agriculture, the Attorney General of Georgia and the BBB. The Georgia officials quickly enforced the law and made Willis orchards remove their misleading internet website claims and demanded Willis refund my $300.00.

The refund check arrived over the weekend with a note attached to the check from the owner Jason Willis stating: "Congratulations on completely screwing us over, J.W." It is easy to see that they are unrepentant for their fraud; now are trying to act like the VICTIM!?

I am also sending a copy of their hateful , vengeful note received to the Georgia Officials and the BBB, so that they can see what a corrupt company customers are dealing with.

Georgia legal officials have shown that they mean business about enforcing the law and will quickly act to help other numerous victims of fraud and abuse, if you notify them. The "Wayback Machine" on, shows that they used to even sell seedling, apple, peach, pear and plum trees two years ago, advertised as true varieties

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